Sunday, December 13, 2009

5th Peugeot Design Competition

Following in second place came Turkish designer Emre Yazici with his rendition 'ego', ahead of Chinese entrant Lou Ke's 'OXO'. Also commended was Onur G├╝venc from Germany with 'Rugir', which made it to the final round.

The first prize of 10,000 Euros and the accompanying trophy were presented to 25-year old Columbian designer Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar at a ceremony at the Paris Motor Show. His victorious entry, the Design Study 'RD', topped the polls with internet voters as highly as it impressed judges.

The 'RD' will now take shape as a 1:1 scale design study to be shown at April's Shanghai Motor Show 2009, bringing this year's competition appropriately back to the country where things kicked off earlier this year.

Peugeot have announced the winning design for their fifth design competition, this year the brief requesting a vehicle undoubtedly Peugeot for the megacities of the future.

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