Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Airwaves Futuristic Compact City car picturse

Designer Lei Liu has put his thought upon giving form to an elite city car concept that would offer a stress-free ride even amidst jammed roads and digging space for itself in tight parking lots. Called Airwaves, this miniature coupe does away with the tension of bearing the awful jams and freeing you from the risk of dents and scratches. Instead of hinging outward, its electronic door spins upright to avert others being “doored”. Besides considering the safety of its passangers, it gives equal amount of attention to other commuters on the road. The backside of Airwaves features LCD screen that keeps the onlookers engaged during traffic jams with useful information displayed related to weather reports, news or greeting words from the driver. This people friendly car gives a deserving trinute to environment as well by making 0% emissions. I think you would agree with me that the safety of small cars is really important; therefore an accessibility of the special lift mechanism in Airwaves can offer good safeguard for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. It workd like this: The minute driver uses emergency brake, the car hits pedestrian and the cabin will lift up by inertia. During that hour, the outside and inside airbags will be unconfined to defend the people inside and outside.

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