Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Morgan Fuel-Cell Concept Car photos

I suppose, these auto shows will never stop surprising us and car creators will never get tired of making new and completely great cars. Have you ever heard about Morgan? Yeah, but apart from a famous fashion apparel brand, it is the traditional British car brand, and it has officially announced that it is going to launch a LifeCar concept, that is a hydrogen-fueled car possessing a wood-frame body. This super car will be presented at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show.
Needless to say, that the LifeCar is a zero-emissions car. How does it look like? As for me it looks like a combination of the Aero 8, but with extremely large coverings on the wheels. Resembles concept and not a real car. Apart from it super natural body, it looks too sophisticated. According to Morgan such prominent companies as Oscar Automotive, QinetiQ, Oxford University and Linde took part in its development.
There is a new model in the Aero range - the Morgan Aero 8 America. Starting price looks like this $115,000 and you will get graphite side scoops, a rear diffuser, and side exit exhausts. As to its interior, we have a deal with full quilted leather. Engine: 4.4-liter BMW V8.
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