Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Concept Car : MYBUS car pictuers

The MYBUS concept car created by Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira. The MYBUS concept car had been displayed at the 2007 Detroit Motor Show and won the “Outstanding Design Award” in the 2007 Michelin Challenge Design. The MYBUS concept car featuring: electronic stability systems, smart cruise control, brake-by-wire, rear detection systems, smart wing mirrors, and Michelin “Twell” tires. The MYBUS concept car is a proposal for a passenger vehicle with an emphasis on safety, for both passengers, pedestrians and other road users.
To reduce the impact on the environment, and the danger of an explosion in case of an accident, the MYBUS concept car using an electrical power source for the energy. Power for the MYBUS concept car is provided by batteries placed above the rear wheels, away from the most obvious impact zones. Each wheel has its own independent motor in order to improve safety, so that the onboard computer can determine the ideal power to supply them. The system reacts according to the road conditions and the type of driving, it also helps anticipate and react to an imminent accident situation. Great concept for MYBUS concept car.
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