Monday, January 11, 2010

The Saleen S7 - The Airplane of Cars pics

The Saleen S7 is one of the most amazing cars now days. This car not only looks nice, but is also one of the highest performing cars on the road. The S7 has 750 hp (horse powers) and this power is achieved with a engine that is only 7 liters, something American car manufacturers can only dream about. Here is a list of its full specks taken from the Saleen website


Curb weight

2950 lb (1338 kg)
Weight distribution, F/R
40% / 60%
Fuel capacity
19.0 U.S. gal. (72 liters)
106.30 in. (2700 mm)
Track, F/R
68.82 in. (1748 mm) / 67.32 in (1710 mm)
78.35 in. (1990 mm)
Front overhang
40.59 in. (1031 mm)
Rear overhang
41.14 in. (1045 mm)
187.95 in. (4774 mm)
40.98 in. (1041 mm)
Ground clearance
4.00 in. (102 mm)
Trunk space, F/R
2.65 cu ft (75 liters) / 2.82 cu ft (80 liters)


4130 lightweight steel space frame

with honeycomb composite panels

All-aluminum V8, 2-valve pushrod
7.0 liters
Bore and stroke
4.125 x 4.00 in. (104.8 x 101.6 mm)
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Forged aluminum
Connecting rods
4340 forged billet steel
4340 forged billet steel
Induction system
Air enters a roof intake, passes through a 90-mm mass air meter, feeding a carbon fiber plenum; from the plenum, air is routed to two twin-ball-bearing turbos, passes through an oval bore-throttle body into an aluminum intake manifold with eight individual runners
Cylinder heads
CNC machined, all-aluminum, Saleen high-flow
Stainless steel with titanium retainers;
Intake: 2.125 in. (54.0 mm); Exhaust: 1.625 in. (41.3 mm);
Beryllium exhaust seats
Valve train
Solid lifter/roller rocker
Exhaust system
Stainless steel high flow with merge collector incorporating dual catalysts per cylinder bank and EGR system; two twin-ball-bearing turbos with 44-mm wastegates
Required fuel
91 octane
140 amps
12 volts
Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD)
Compact drive system with side-mounted water pump
Emission control system
OBD-II compliant; dual, heated oxygen sensors
per bank; high-volume EVAP system
Fuel system
High-capacity returnless with 42 lb/hr injectors
Oil system
High-vacuum dry sump configuration;
Capacity: 12.6 qt (12.0 liters); aluminum oil tank
750 bhp @ 6300 rpm
700 lb-ft @ 4800 RPM
6250 rpm

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Whit these specks it is not surprising that the S7's top speed is 248 mph. Just to give you an idea of how fast that is I made a little comparison. The average takeoff speed for the commercial airplane Boeing 737 is 180 mph (source: check it if you don't believe me. So this car is basically a airplane on the ground. Actually it is faster then a airplane on the ground, if it had wings it would be an airplane.

This is a nice car with some serious performance, but its not for anybody, as you might have figured out already. The price for a brand new Saleen S7 is about $ 555, 000., so you might want to brake a lot of piggy banks before you could afford one.
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