Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Cooper car pics

mini coopermini cooper
mini coopermini cooper
mini cooper jcwmini cooper jcw

Mini Cooper

The original Mini Cooper has been voted top of the list of favourite classic used cars of all time.
Mini Cooper's British model took over 53% of votes on MSN auto site.

It is placed ahead of the German-made VW Golf MK2 (41%) in second place, whilst the Italian Fiat Punto (3%) was voted as the classic starter vehicle we'd buy above all others.

Jeremy Clarkson's encyclopaedic knowledge and opinionated manner make him the companion Brits would most want to accompany them when buying a used car with 48% of the votes.

The Top Gear motor mouth was followed by 5th Gear's Tiff Needell (23%), James May (17%) and Lewis Hamilton (4%).

And if we could buy a classic used vehicle from the world of film and TV, the UK wins again with Bond's Aston Martin DBS top of our list at 56%.

Knight Rider's 80s classic K.I.T.T garnered 18% of the vote, with Batman's Batmobile and Del Boy's battered Robin Reliant a few laps behind with 11% and 4% of the votes respectively.

Unfortunately some of us are still put off buying a second hand car due to the legacy of untrustworthy salesmen, with 37% fearing we'll be ripped off by disreputable dealers.

This image of used car salesman isn't helped by car experts portrayed on British soaps with 88% saying they would never trust EastEnders' legendary car dealer Frank Butcher or Corrie cab mechanic, Kevin Webster for used car advice
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