Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I was sitting at a red light on my way home from my friends new apartment when I saw one of the most god awful ugly things I've ever set my peepers on. It looked a lot like this...

...except it didn't have the lovely lily on the side and it only had one wheel in the front. A 3 wheel pink smart car??? Really? Who chooses one of these for their daily driver? I did a little research. One would think that this luxury vehicle would get about 4000 mpg because that is about the only way I would ever even consider thinking about maybe looking at one. Not the case. From the research I did in the last 3 minutes it looks like this lovely piece of plastic only gets 33 mpg in town and 41 mpg highway (by the way, is almost the exact same mileage my car gets). My question is how suicidal do you have to be to take this motorized roller skate on the interstate? Also in my research I found this picture...

This would be kind of fun to have at the farm. I figure that thing can't weight more than about 30 pounds. How much fun would that be to run out on the pond. I'm pretty sure it would float with those tires that, individually, are bigger than the entire smart car. That almost seems like a good idea. Or for those of you who are really into style and like to cruise around whilst the wind blowing through your hair I found this one...

Nothing says "You're never getting laid again" like driving a convertable smart car.
I know that some of you are saying "now Mary Ann, there is nothing wrong with driving a smart car. It might be a win/win situation. They fit into compact parking spaces and with the ever growing population of large SUV's out there you know there are more and more compact car spaces available in parking garages every day. They obviously get steller gas mileage." Well let me show you the downside of owning a smart car.

It's all fun and games until the smart car gets drunk and falls over. Or your friends get drunk one night and think its funny to pick your car up and carry it 3 blocks down the street. When you get up in the morning and you can't find your car you can then ask "Was this car really a smart idea?"

For some reason I keep thinking that I've seen these cars before. A long time ago. Ohhh wait. Thats right. I did. This is what they looked like back in my day.

Honestly, I think these cars are so ugly and not worth the money people pay for them. You can buy a real car that will get you better gas mileage and not make you look like a douchebag while driving it.

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