Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cool flying cars

With traffic on the roads increasing day by day, The car manufacturers may come out with some plans of making cars which can fly in the air, there by reducing the travel time considerably. As of now it is regarded that the chances of manufacturing these type of cars is not far away.

Flying cars !!
Cool to see a flying car

rare Real flying cars
picture of flying car

cars which can fly in future
future flying cars

Will There Be Flying Cars In Future

Are There going to be cars which are able to fly? Will this cars come into existence in the near future? Is it really possible to make cars which can fly? This are the questions which are doing rounds for years among the car enthusiasts. still now no significant improvement has taken place in this regard. The following are some of the pictures of these type of cars.

real flying cars
A picture of one man flying car

future flying cars!
This may be a model of flying car

flying cars in the future
Basic design of how a future car could be
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