Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Mercedes-Benz F700 Pictures

New Mercedes Benz F 700

Frankfurt Auto Show is a very important car event of the year. It draws millions of visitors and can be named a performance of the year. Each manufacturer is thoroughly preparing to the following show and chooses which car to expose. Mercedes cars are one of the best cars. They are a perfect combination of quality, reliability, ideal look and price. They are not as expensive and authoritative as Ferraris are, but, nevertheless, they are still worth paying our attention to.

Mercedes Benz F700, Frankfurt

This year Mercedes will be presented with a new model Mercedes-Benz F 700. Only 2 words can be used to describe it: dazzling and dizzying. It is a prototype of a future S-class Sedan. As to main characteristics and peculiarities of this car:

  • it embodies low consumption and friendliness to the surroundings;
  • 4-cylinder car; gets a V-6 power experimental engine, that unites turbo charging and diesel compression. This engine is much spoken about, because it is a hybrid of Diesotto (combination of two words diesel and surname of the inventor Otto) and standard Mercedes engine. The emissions from such engine will be minimal;
  • has a gas engine;
  • 1.8 l engine;
  • can speed up to 60 mph only in 7.5 seconds;
  • top speed is nearly 120 mph;
  • consumes 5.3 L pf fuel per 100 km;
  • presents a new engine producing technology Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI);

Mercedes Benz F700

As to the price, it is currently unknown, but we perfectly know, that cars with a diesel engine are more expensive, that those with standard engines. But Mercedes F 700 and its brand-new engine can be a perfect alternative to the existing ones.

No doubts, the car looks very glamorous, stylish and fashionable. It will be an adornment of the roads!

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